Orange County Barnabas Group

The Barnabas Group (TBG) was founded with the goal of empowering inspired leaders in business and ministry through strategic support that advances Kingdom work.  In short, it’s a ministry whose partners have a passion to serve other ministries using their time, talent, networks and knowledge. The Barnabas Group is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.

Our mission statement is: Connecting leaders, changing lives. We are committed to see the time, talent, networks and knowledge of marketplace leaders helping ministries transform lives worldwide.

One of the first steps to joining The Barnabas Group is to complete an application. To do so online, go here.

If you cannot fill-in an online application, contact Russ Cline, directly .

Partners of The Barnabas Group contribute $2,000.00 annually to The Barnabas Group, a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. This can be done monthly ($200 per month), quarterly ($600 per quarter) or annually. A partnership covers both spouses as well. We hope if a partner is married, their spouse will join them at meetings and events. There is no extra cost! To make your contribution online, go to our partnership sign-up page.

The Barnabas Group meets four times per year. There are two morning meetings with a breakfast and two evening dinner meetings. We will have several ministries present during the day with opportunities for TBG partners to come alongside them and help with their time, talent, network and knowledge. A guest speaker or two will challenge us on subjects relevant to our lives. We also have several networking breakfast throughout the year, a few dinners and several seminars. There are many opportunities to meet and fellowship with other partners!

We meet nonprofit challenges with business perspectives to advance Kingdom work. The relationships sparked within the Barnabas Group between our Partners and ministries enable experienced leaders to live out their faith by using their God-given gifts to His glory and help ministries overcome challenges preventing them from moving forward.

We’re also intentional with how we determine the opportunities presented to our partners, strategically vetting each ministry for responsible practices and impactful work and whether its challenges could be well addressed by leaders in our group. Many ministries are blessed by the partnerships that grow from partners meeting other partners and working together. We seek to challenge, encourage and educate our partners by guest speakers such as James Dobson, General Boykin, Bruce Wilkinson, Phil Cooke, Dr, Paul Nyqvist, Bob Shank, Alan Sears and others.

We have a joint fun night between Orange County and San Diego TBG chapters for fellowship, dinner, music and comedy. We host several fellowship-based dinners for TBG partners and their spouses, as well as networking breakfasts across the county.

These are very popular and 25-30 partners attend the 7-8:30 am Networking breakfasts. TBG also occasionally hosts luncheons with speakers addressing current events of great interest to partners and their guests. There will be no charge for these events. Opportunities for short-term mission trips will be made available to TBG partners. The calendar may also include golf outings. We have done trips to Israel in the past and the next one is scheduled for October 2018.

We will invite partners to serve on a “SWOT Team” that comes together 6-8 times each year for 2-3 hours to brainstorm an issue or problem with a ministry.

TBG is led by Managing Partners and Board Members, who are partners of The Barnabas Group.

TBG is guided by a board made up of at least six partners. This number may vary as needed. View the current Board here.

Pastors and priests can join The Barnabas Group (TBG) for a reduced donation to cover event costs.

Full TBG partners may decide to fund their pastor’s donation. The benefit to the pastors is to see ministries they might never discover and possibly take them back to their churches, to receive interesting teaching, and to introduce their church and its members to TBG.

Pastors also meet and fellowship with business people from outside their churches and have a time to “get away”. The benefit to TBG is to gain fellowship and to give the ministries that present a greater audience of partners who can further their ministry.

We will conduct 2-4 seminars each year for partners and ministries. These are meant to bless, encourage and educate them. For example, a TBG partner recently conducted a seminar on “How to Give a 30-Second Elevator Speech.”

In 2017 we had a seminar on Proven Principles of Intelligent, Effective Leadership, one on Grant Writing, one on the value of Chaplaincy in the marketplace and finally a seminar on helping our children and grandchildren be good stewards of their gifts.

The Barnabas Group was founded as a place for transformational encounters between promising nonprofits, proven leaders and the Holy Spirt. We understand that we only provide a platform for meaningful connections. The rest is up to the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

We don’t expect partners to get involved with every ministry we present. In fact, we want our partners to put their valuable skills and talents to use helping face a challenge they feel specifically compelled by God to pursue. These experiences lead to powerful encounters between nonprofits and proven leaders that ultimately expand the Kingdom impact of both parties exponentially.