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Lessons from Elite Athletes – Dr. Ben Houltberg
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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ben Houltberg

“Lessons from Elite Athletes”
Dr. Houltberg is associate professor of human development at Fuller. Houltberg’s expertise centers on relational factors that impact emotional health within high-stress environments. Much of Dr. Houltberg’s current work is on the role of identity development and character virtues in sport as they relate to emotional health and athletic performance.  He continues to work with coaches and athletes from around the world to promote spiritual and emotional health in dealing with pressures to perform.
Wells of Life – Nick Jordan
150 150 The Barnabas Group

Our mission at Wells of Life is to fund the drilling of 1,000 water wells, over a ten year period, for the people of Uganda. Our primary goal is to help solve the water dilemma, one well at a time and bring clean, safe water to over 1,000,000 villagers. We believe that water is a basic human right and should be available to all people regardless of where they live. We are committed to inspiring others to join us in eradicating the main cause of poverty and disease in the villages of Uganda…the lack of clean water.
We view a water well as the catalyst that drives change within the communities we work in.

Wells of Life, Inc.
24000 Alicia Pkwy #17 Suite 420
Mission Viejo, CA 92691


Olive Branch International – David Farrow
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Olive Branch International (OBI) is dedicated to serving those who serve in armed-forces uniforms around the world. Simply put, as a non-government organization, we respond to invitations by foreign governmental and military leaders to provide humanitarian assistance worldwide. We provide long-term face-to-face, heart-to-heart care, compassion and concern as we work to prevent or assist in the healing efforts of mental, moral, psychological or physical wounds.

P.O. Box 748
Norfolk, VA 23501-0748
Telephone: (757) 518-8749
Fax: (757) 497-4858

National Christian Foundation – Bryan Feller
150 150 The Barnabas Group

Every day, our team at the National Christian Foundation (NCF)
helps generous givers like you simplify their giving, multiply
their impact, and experience the joy of sending more to their
favorite causes than they ever dreamed possible. So whether
you’re passionate about more Bibles for your local church,
more food for the hungry, more clean water, or more
justice … start dreaming big, because w
e sure are.

August 2017 Meeting
150 150 The Barnabas Group

Event Summary

In August 2017 over 300 Christian marketplace and ministry leaders came together to connect at The Barnabas Group Orange County meeting at the Radisson Hotel Newport Beach.

Attendees were challenged, encouraged and blessed with some incredible presentations! We had a great turn out and the Radisson did a wonderful job hosting us.

Ministry Presentations

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