Connecting People
with Kingdom Opportunities

We are a collaboration of leaders dedicated to maximizing ministry potential by meeting nonprofit challenges with business perspectives to advance Kingdom work.

Four Core Barnabas Group Distinctives


The Barnabas Group partners leverage their strengths for the benefit or ministries and the Kingdom.

We connect and network with ministries who learn from each other and share ideas and best practices.


The Barnabas Group provides a safe place for Christian leaders and ministries to connect.

We work together, encourage and engage one another, all with the same purpose: To be used by God, through what He places on your heart.


The Barnabas Group is collaborative – not competitive.

At any given meeting, you’ll find like-minded partners who have a heart to serve in the same category as you, providing peer-to-peer collaboration.


The Barnabas Group focuses on presenting opportunities that fit your individual talents, gifting, network and resources.

We are not ‘donor driven’ –  it is partner-funded through annual partner donations and there are rarely direct appeals for funds at meetings.

Partner Testimonials