Barnabas Consult

Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed. -Proverbs 15:22

An on-going proactive service provided by Barnabas partners and lead by Alan Weisenberger, in support of evolving and growing faith-based ministries.

Usually 8-10 partners invest 2-2.5 hours of interactive discussion with a ministry leader/leaders.

They focus on a pertinent (or specific) strategic challenge (Big Question) where partners have the opportunity to leverage their experience and talents in support of these leaders.  Where else can a ministry leader receive 20 hours of high-powered Godly consulting advice?  Where else can a Barnabas partner have opportunity to make such a Kingdom investment using their gifts and talents?

Recent challenges addressed by Barnabas Consult

  • How can an international ministry promote its success and involve others in the U.S., besides simply going on a short-term mission trip, without compromising the work in “restricted” countries? What would be the most appropriate strategy to incorporate and empower the local community of business leaders, community leaders, parents, educators and public officials to support, serve, and equip teachers, administrators and other influencers of public schools who have a heart to bring their faith onto their campuses?
  • How can Justice Rising create a program model for rapid and sustainable growth to impact students, teachers, and other educational stakeholders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and other active and post-conflict war zones around the world?
  • How do we successfully launch our foster program in Orange County with an organization and funding model that would impact Orange County and can be replicated in other markets?
  • As our current staff partners/missionaries approach retirement age, how can we sustain the future of this ministry in recruiting and funding this next generation of staff and leadership?
  • What is the optimal organizational model to secure the type of resources (financially and people) that will be needed to execute their mission and achieve sustainability?
  • How can we position the Pure Game soccer development league program as a viable, self-sustaining revenue model for the organization?

Upcoming Barnabas Consult Meetings

How to Apply

To apply for a Barnabas Consult, please contact Alan Weisenberger at