Our Mission
Inspire & equip the family, church, and school to give children a biblical worldview.

Children form concepts of truth based primarily on the influence of friends, family, media, and from what they are taught at school.

A child who develops a biblical worldview as a result of Renewanation’s impact will be:

  • a committed follower of Jesus Christ with a strong biblical worldview

  • a responsible citizen who appreciates America’s Christian heritage and works to strengthen that influence on government and in every sphere of culture

  • a person of principle and character that adds value to those around them

  • able to confidently and lovingly defend and share their Christian faith

  • able to continue their education if they choose to do so and become a productive citizen that improves society through God’s calling on their life

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 12366
Roanoke, VA 24025