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21st Century Women Challenges and Insights – ​Kathleen Cooke
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We live in a fast paced culture. For women, juggling home and a career continues to be one of the greatest challenges. Is there a formula? What about the growing number of single women in the marketplace? How do they fit in? What do the males in the office need to know about the unique challenges women encounter and do they face many of the same ones? How do we compliment each other and stop competing?

Principles that Will Transform Your Influence in Today’s Culture – Phil Cooke
150 150 The Barnabas Group

While Christians seem to lose influence in today’s culture, the power of Hollywood continues to grow. In fact, many would consider it the most influential place in the world. Filmmaker and media consultant Phil Cooke did an informal interview with key influencers in entertainment – producers, studio executives, writers, directors, and others to find out what principles make their work so persuasive. In his presentation he’ll reveal 8 characteristics that help create remarkable influence on leaders and organizations.